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Snowpaw of Cloudclan

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Snowpaw of Cloudclan

Post by Snoo on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:40 pm


Name: Snowkit - Snowpaw - Snowblaze

Age: 10 moons

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Snowpaw is a bright orange tabby she-cat with short fur, white fur on her belly and paws, sharp claws, and blind pale green eyes.
Personality: She is very caring and loyal, but is also cold to those around her and from other clans. She has a tendency to get a quick temper, which was brought on from her past.
History: Snowpaw was born as a rogue, with her mother being a rogue, and her father being a loner. Something different about Snowkit, after she had opened her eyes, was that she was blind. It took her several days after being born for her to open her eyes, only to complain to her mother that she could not see anything, only darkness. When she was only a moon old, she still had no name, her father had become vicious around her and her mother, which ended in her mother dying from wounds of their fights and her father running away. After this incident, she was found trembling in a tall patch of grass in Cloudclan territory, her mother’s dead body just a few feet away from her. She was then taken in by a couple of warriors, who noticed her blindness and took her to the queens. At first, she was shunned for being a rogue, and being blind as well, which led those around her to believe her of being too weak and small to survive. But one queen, Ravenmist, asked the tiny kit her name, in which she did not know. Therefore, Ravenmist decided to call her Snowkit, from the white fur on her belly and her white paws. Eventually, Snowkit grew to become 6 moons old, however she was told she could only become a medicine cat apprentice. She refused to be told that and requested to become a warrior apprentice, having learned all about the warrior code from Ravenmist. Being accepted as a warrior apprentice, she showed much confidence in herself, but not in her clanmates. Her temper stemmed from her clanmates’ rude comments and the fact they didn’t believe she could live or become a regular apprentice. Shortly after she became an apprentice, Ravenmist was out hunting, and got attacked by a loner. This loner, turned out to be Snowpaw’s father, who had killed her mother, but now had also killed Ravenmist; who was another mother to Snowpaw. This news devastated Snowpaw, making her become more cold to everyone around her, even to her mentor at times. She is now 10 moons old, and still learning all she can to prove to her clan how great of a warrior she can become, despite her blindness.
·         Fighting- 5
·         Hunting- 7
·         Climbing- 4
·         Running- 5
·         Swimming- 6
·         Strength- 3
·         Stamina- 6
·         Memory skills- 7
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Re: Snowpaw of Cloudclan

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Nov 22, 2017 2:42 pm



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