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Frozenheart of RobinClan

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Frozenheart of RobinClan

Post by Raven on Fri Nov 24, 2017 12:42 pm

Name: Frozenheart  
Frozenpaw Frozenkit
Gender: Tom (Male)
Age: 41 moons
Clan: RobinClan
Rank: Warrior 

Appearance: Frozenheart is a large grey Tom, with dark grey stripes going down his back becoming rings on his tail. He has massive paws and has roughened paw pads. His eyes are an intimidating blue color which pairs well with the way he looks at the other cats. He has quiet a muscular build and clearly enjoys keeping himself in peak condition. 

Personality: Frozenheart is very much a proud cat, he demands respect, and only gives it when he feels it's earned or deserved. This is why he typically doesn't speak with or really interact with the younger cats of the clan, other than his kits. He isn't the type to go explore or try to find new things, he is never the type to go into a situation without a game plan and begins to worry when things go off schedule. 

Hunting: 5; Fighting: 7; Swimming: 2; Climbing: 5; Running: 4; Stamina: 8; Strength: 9; Memory Skills: 2; 

History: Frozenheart was raised by a loving father and mother, who taught him most of what he believes and acts on. His father commanded a large amount of respect, and he grew up wanting to be just like him. His mother raised him to believe that the Clan lifestyle was the greatest and the most respectable, which helped push him to fly as high as he could throughout the clan. When he became an Apprentice his father and mother went hunting, and were attacked by a group of rouges, who left Frozenheart Orphaned. This sparked his hate for all rouges and everything they stand for, he began taking his parents beliefs much more seriously. After he became a warrior he began to seek love, when he met Petalgaze. The two of them fell in love and they had kits. Shortly after a second litter was born she was walking along the beach with Radiantflower when she was swept away by the sea. 

Likes and Dislikes: Frozenheart doesn't like fish, and instead enjoys more avian prey. He loves the scent of Lavender as it reminds him of his old mate. 

Petalgaze | Mate | Deceased |
Radiantflower | Daughter 1st litter | Alive | 
Burrpaw | Son 2nd Litter | Alive |
Lucidpaw | Daughter 2nd Litter | Alive |

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Re: Frozenheart of RobinClan

Post by Snoo on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:46 pm

Tech Support
Tech Support

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