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004. The Plot

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004. The Plot

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:21 pm

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This is a required read for all members of the site to make sure you know what is going on in the roleplay and how you can join and contribute! If you see that something has been left out, or something needs to be updated, please message [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
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The Clans have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed GalaxyClan had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Newleaf brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and dens collapsing. Finally greenleaf has arrived: the season of warmth, of prey, of blue skies. But is it really what everyone has hoped for?

Beetlegorse, the medicine keeper of CloudClan, is getting sick and tired of the waiting. He hasn't received any dreams from GalaxyClan, and neither has his apprentice. He decides to stay within the medicine community and not alert Daisystar or Squidpad. CloudClan is currently the largest Clan, and being the first of the four to rise after HickoryClan's defeat. This gives FrostClan, RobinClan, and SnowClan quite to think about, and they worry already about how the next Gathering will go. Beetlegorse has convinced Aukletpaw to lay down false omens, at first to give CloudClan hope. Soon after, the extremity of the situation rises, and Beetlegorse goes corrupt. He wants to destroy the Clans, turn them against each other, to bring them back to how they used to be, just small groups of cats with no set boundaries or territory. Aukletpaw tries to help, but she gets tangled into the mess as well.
During a visit to the Tree of Life to be roleplayed, all the medicine cats gather to share dreams with GalaxyClan. Before they disperse back to their Clans, Beetlegorse tells them about the false omens he's been laying down, and gives them the reason of hope, not his corrupt idea of destruction. After a dispute and threats to tell their leaders, Molepaw of RobinClan softly speaks up and says its for the best. Each medicine keeper reluctantly joins in, and Beetlegorse has them all under his power now. The medicine keepers of each Clan leave their omens when they get back from the Tree, and the next morning each leader holds a meeting to tell the rest about it.
A few days later, in a Gathering to be roleplayed, Daisystar steps up first and tells everyone about the omens she's seen. The rest of the Clans share the same news, and the Gathering is put to a halt as the leaders discuss this. Warriors of each Clan will seriously question their medicine keepers. The Gathering gets too heated, and the leaders decide to go home.
The next evening, Leafstar sends her deputy to CloudClan to give them information about a meeting. Squidpad, Beetlegorse, and Aukletpaw join Daisystar to speak with her, and they exchange rumors they heard at the Gathering from FrostClan and RobinClan. After Molepaw earned her full name, a RobinClan warrior apparently told Beetlegorse, she gathered a few kits and apprentices to tell them about the plan, and together they started coming up with prophecies to write on the walls and make their leader even more suspicious. Daisystar suggests speaking with RobinClan's leader about this, but Leafstar says they should stay away for now. This turns into a secret alliance between CloudClan and SnowClan.
Each Clan stays in the down low after that, going through their own subplots explained later. More rumors spread throughout the warriors of each Clan, and as tensions rise once more, rain pours down on the land and doesn't stop for two nights. A flood turns CloudClan's vast flatlands into mud and destroys the plant and herb supply, wakes up FrostClan's swamp and makes the bogs rise higher than ever, destroys SnowClan's herb supply in the Moon Rocks, and takes almost half of RobinClan's beach territory and prey. It shakes everyone, and they believe it was a sign from GalaxyClan, and how the stars were angry at them for all the tension. CloudClan and SnowClan meet in secret once more, and work together on fixing defenses and creating traps. The rumors about a medicine keeper apprentice turned into full on war preparation.
CloudClan and SnowClan attack RobinClan with full force, and although Daisystar was originally against the violence, she follows through because she doesn't want her Clan to be destroyed, like what almost happened when her parents ruled over it. FrostClan stays out of it, slowly rebuilding after the flood. There are only a few deaths but many injuries: no one is sure who won the battle, but Leafstar called the retreat and the two Clans went back to their own territories.
RobinClan confides in FrostClan, desperate for help against the new allies. FrostClan's leader refuses, at first, to join in the violence, but after finding their medicine keeper covered in blood and nearly dead on the border with CloudClan, they burst. FrostClan sends a patrol to the border, hovering for over an hour until they finally meet with a CloudClan patrol. There is a brief fight until FrostClan's deputy finally tells his patrol that they're going back home.
Strategic plans are put in place by the two allies, and they've each formed a new sort of rank within the Clans: bounty hunters. It is taken after the name of Yijiao's ranks that they used to fight against long ago. They are composed of warriors, elders, apprentices, and queens, with constant watch from the leaders and deputies. They build tools to weaken the enemies, intricate traps and defenses. Many more battles are fought, none too big to be addressed but still creating an impact.
Gaia, the leader of Yijiao, has been watching the war. She's always sent patrols to spy on the Clans, but she's never gotten this big of news. She decides to mess with them a little, try to turn allies against each other. It was one of few plans of hers that failed, so in pure rage she sends herself, her vice, and her assassins into CloudClan. The merciless cats wound almost the entirety of the Clan, killing a few cats and taking one of Daisystar's lives. Gaia tells them all to watch out, and takes her patrol back to Yijiao territory.
Gaia then takes her chances and crosses to FrostClan to speak with the leader. She has ulterior motives in mind, not just with the Clans, but with the feral colonies. Her assassins easily fight back the cats who try to get her out of camp. Because of FrostClan's weakness in the war, they agree to gain some respect through Gaia's plan of kidnapping DawnClan's leader, Rory.
The plan is successful, and the raid on DawnClan's territory works in their favor. They keep Rory in FrostClan camp, since that's a far longer way to travel to get her back. FrostClan's bounty hunters torture her and get her to give them all the information about the feral colonies: where they came from, what their plan is, and why they dispersed into groups. Sooner or later, RobinClan catches on, and finds Rory in FrostClan's camp. The two leaders quarrel, and their alliance falls apart. They do not go to the other two Clans in fear of being attacked, so they stay on their own.
The feral colonies are in four groups but they are still tight-knit, and come together to get their leader back. Half of them storm into FrostClan territory and successfully convince them to give Rory back with threats of killing a patrol of apprentices they found on their way in. The other half go to Yijiao territory and try to overthrow Gaia. They are unsuccessful and retreat back, but still celebrate at the return of Rory.
The four main Clans sulk in their homes, slacking on the building of defenses and putting forth no effort to attack again. There is peace... for now. Little do they know of the faraway Tribes and their disputes, that may cause a fallout and send many new cats into the Clans.

CloudClan: After the flood, they are easily rebuilt because of the sheer size of their Clan. They stay the strongest and healthiest Clan out of the four, and have the best traps strategically placed, still waiting for someone to walk into them. There is, however, a problem of loners who live on their border with the eastern territories. They have been stealing prey and even after multiple threats they continue to do it. Daisystar has yet to deal with it, but as they walk somewhat freely across the border when no one is there to see, forbidden romances are in the air.
FrostClan: After the flood, the leader holds more frequent meetings with RobinClan. They help each other rebuild their destroyed territory, and the two leaders develop a strong bond. Will it turn into something more?
RobinClan: After the flood, the leader holds more frequent meetings with FrostClan. They help each other rebuild their destroyed territory, and the two leaders develop a strong bond. Will it turn into something more?
SnowClan: After the flood, they have the most trouble rebuilding territory. Leafstar sends the medicine keepers on a retreat, along with a few other warriors. They trace the entirety of SnowClan territory and go into all of the unknown places on each border to search for herbs. They were given strict orders not to come back until they have filled up fifteen baskets with precious plants. Spending all this time together makes way for a lot of fighting, and some other feelings brew as well.
Romance is definitely in the air.
Yijiao: Gaia has been thinking a lot about her group of merciless killers. She wants to change. She wants to gather as many rogues as she can and bring them in, teach them. Her own bounty hunters have been much more diligent in the building of new tools, and their technological advancements provide a scary outlook from the others.
The Tribes: They have been fighting against each other for a long time, and prey and herbs are low in stock. A savage illness unknown to them but was popular in the Clans spreads and wrecks havoc on them, and a prophecy sent to the Silver Phantoms Stoneteller tells them that the top guards and top hunters from both tribes must go to the Star Path and will receive the cure. While this is happening, something else with unravel. A cat named Zxewi is the son of a rogue and hunter from Silver Phantoms, and when he was kicked out, he was admitted into Secret Souls. After many moons, he worked his way up to Stoneteller position. After the illness breaks out and the chosen ones go to the Star Path, a few cats from Secret Souls will rebel against them. This will be explained more when we get to it.
The Feral Colonies: Before the kidnapping, a water shortage caused some small problems for the Clans. The farmers have basically forgot about them, so it doesn't help the issue, but they managed to get through it. After the kidnapping, the Clans are in shambles, and many cats retreat back to the farm to live as a kittypet in fear of full on war with the dangerous Yijiao.

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