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008. Catnip Catalogue

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008. Catnip Catalogue

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:42 pm

Welcome to the site shop! Items here may be purchased with catnip, which is BTGF's currency. To make a purchase, simply fill out the form provided below. As always, we are open to suggestions! If you have an idea for possible new items, let us know by posting in the help desk or PMing @Daisyleap.

{Name Change - 100 Points} Allows you to change the name of one of your cats if you don't want a ceremony.
{Star-Struck Lovers - 350 points} Allows you to have two cats of different Clans have kits.
{Extra Kit - 400 points} The maximum amount of kits per litter is six. Allows you to make that number seven.
{Unusual Marking - 400 points} Allows your character a unique marking such as a leaf shape on their forehead.
{Male Calico - 400 points} Allows you to make a tri-colored calico, tortie, or torbie character. There is a catch however: male calicoes are prone to illness and are most of the time sterile, which means if you purchase this sort of cat, they cannot reproduce.
{Male Lactation - 400 points} Allows you to make your male cat produce milk. This item is recommended to be purchased if your cats mate has died and you want to keep your kit alive.
{Albino Cat - 400 points} Allows you to make an albino cat. There is a catch however: albino cats are extremely sensitive to the sun and have their own set of health risks.
{Odd Eye Color - 400 points} Allows you make a cat with an unusual eye color such as pink or violet or allows colors that aren’t typically on certain colors of cats, such as blue eyes on a black cat.
{Clan Changer - 500 points} With the permission of the leader, you may change your cat's residence without it effecting other's view on them.
{Forbidden Love - 500 points} Allows you to have your medicine cat character break the code and have kits.
{Close Bond - 500 points} Allows you and one other character to develop an unrealistic bond in which they know when the other is in trouble.
{Fix It - 550 points} Allows you to heal one of your cats from a physical or mental deformity or disability that they were created with or gained in character, such as a cat that was blinded during battle being able to see again.
{Speech - 600 points} Allows you to grant one of your cats the ability to speak with animals.
{Flash Event - 700 points} Allows you to create your own mini event in the roleplay in which you can choose the location and predators or prey that might appear. This does not give you Mother Nature's powers, so you must only ask characters if they'd like to join, not force.
{Gathering Ticket - 800 points} Allows you to have one cat automatically attend the Gathering even if they are incapable such as a newly appointed apprentice or an older elder.
{Revival - 900 points} Allows you to revive one cat that has died. 
{Fun Name Tag - 1000 points} Allows you to get a custom name tag such as one that glows.
{Your Own Shop - 4000 points} Allows you to open a shop in which you sell things for points such as artwork. An admin or moderator must have control over it, however.
{Powers - 6000 points} Allows you to grant one of your cats a power like Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing.

Copy and paste the purchase form into a reply and prey will be taken from your account.

Total Cost:
To be used on:


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