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.: F l i n t w i n g :.

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.: F l i n t w i n g :.

Post by jackthe4th on Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:08 pm

.: f l i n t k i t :.
.: f l i n t p a w :.
.: F L I N T W I N G :.

"I'm the deputy of FrostClan, now. I'm sorry, but our relationship could never be the same."

.: T O M - 3 5 / M O O N S - D E P U T Y :.

.: F R O S T C L A N :.

.: A P P E A R A N C E :.
Flintwing is huge, being taller than most cats in his clan. His legs are long and his paws are big. Flintwing has long, messy fur, short jagged claws and chipped teeth. His tail is long.
Flint's base coat is dark grey. He las long white socks and black-tipped toes. His left eye is a dark amber and his right is a light blue. His muzzle, ear-tips and tail tip are black and his underbelly is white like his socks. He has short, thin black and white stripes going down his torso. His left eye has a long pink scar running down it, hinting that he is half blind.

.: P E R S O N A L I T Y :.
Flintwing is quiet. He's serious, quiet, and all around a drag. He's loyal but too selfless, often not caring about himself at all and getting injured often. He tries to get the job done as quickly as possible but also tries to be thorough. He hates most things, likes a few things, etc. More negativity than positivity in there, but when you get into his little circle of friends (Including Sunflight, his apprentice and his leader) he's quite easy to fluster and is quite caring.

.: S K I L L S :.
hunting - 5/10
fighting - 10/10
swimming - 4/10
climbing - 5/10
running - 8/10
strength - 9/10
stamina - 5/10
herb knowledge - 1/10
memory - 4/10

.: F A M I L Y :.
Mother - Redfeather (Deceased)
Father - Blackclaw (Deceased)
Siblings - Blackpaw (@Quake), Gorsepaw (Deceased), Rattail (Missing)
Mate - Sunflight (@Omi)
Mentor - ???
Apprentice - Cinderpaw (@Omi)

.: H I S T O R Y :.
Flintkit and Ratkit were born on sharp rocks. Ratkit was the ugly one, hated by both of her parents. Flintkit was the smart-aleck, always protecting his twin with wrong words earning him many growls insults and smacks. They grew up surviving for each other, Ratkit the one who kept her brother's sanity and Flintkit who kept his sister's innocence.
Five moons. At five moons old, Flintkit's life changed. He woke up without Ratkit in the den, so he searched camp for her. He eventually found her in the medicine keepers's den. He found her with no hair on her tail, her tail mangled scratched and torn. His parents were not blamed, and his sister wasn't to be made an apprentice until she was seven moons old. He had no one.
So, he stayed in the nursery. Never coming out once. A young male kit started bringing food to him, and Flintkit quickly learned that this kit was named Sunkit.
The next moon over, he became an apprentice. He was given ///// as a mentor, a great cat who taught Flint everything he needed to know about FrostClan. Sunpaw and Flintpaw got talking more, and they found out the awkward fact that they had crushes on each other.
When Flint, Sun, and Rat were seven moons old, Rat was let out of the nursery and became an apprentice. They were the iconic trio, doing everything together.
Skip to when they were all eleven moons old, and Flintpaw goes hunting with his mentor. A fox appears, and kills his mentor. In a rush of adrenaline, Flintpaw kills the fox but get blinded in one eye. He drags both back to camp, they mourn, and Flintpaw gets made into a warrior early for his bravery. Flintwing, Ratpaw, and Sunpaw were separated now.
Next moon, Flint found out that his parents were expecting another litter. They were born two days after Sunflight and Rattail become warriors, and with all the cats focussed on the birthing Rattail ran away and was never seen again.
Redfeather dies during birthing and Blackclaw dies three days later during a patrol. The details were unknown and the body was never recovered. Flintwing was forced to take care of the kits until they were apprentices.
In the middle of the night a few moons later, a fox broke into the nursery and managed to kill Gorsekit. Both Flintwing and Blackkit close up to the world and sooner than later Blackpaw becomes an apprentice. FrostClan's deputy dies and Flintwing is made Deputy.

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Re: .: F l i n t w i n g :.

Post by jackthe4th on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:05 pm

.: C O M P L E T E D :.


.: Cat Auditions in Order of Importance :.

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Re: .: F l i n t w i n g :.

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Jul 22, 2018 4:25 pm



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Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand.

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Re: .: F l i n t w i n g :.

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