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The Realms have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed Kiroho had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Summer brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and homes collapsing. Now, winter has arrived, and prey is scarce. The temperatures range from 0-25°F, and it is recommended not to enter the frigid waters until spring.

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Hawktalon, pragmatic deputy of SnowClan

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Hawktalon, pragmatic deputy of SnowClan

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:07 pm

Hawktalon ~ Tom-cat ~ 39 moons ~ SnowClan
Hawktalon is a burly ginger tabby with deep amber eyes. His shoulders reach above the heads of even some cats older than him, and he is quite notorious for his size. His coat is thick, and his bulging muscles still show off his intense training as an apprentice. He always makes sure his appearance is neat and tidy to represent SnowClan with pride. His pale orange color darkens as it gets to his tail, which is part of the reason why he was named after the red-tailed hawk. He has a nick in his right ear, and a few other scars hide underneath his pelt. He often looks expressionless, a mixture of boredom and irritation, but once you start talking to him he'll lighten up.

As a kitten, Hawktalon was looked down upon by his father; everyone expected him to grow up and become a medicine cat to carry on the heritage and knowledge. At a very young age he developed a large ego to force others that he was better than everyone. But as he grew older, his ego turned to a sensible way of handling things. Ever since his first relationship as a young apprentice, he's easily flirted with any she-cat. He can come off as fierce, verbally or physically attacking anyone who puts him or his Clan in danger. You'll rarely catch his sweet side except when he's with his mate. After the attitude his father gave him throughout most of his childhood, he grew into quite the perfectionist; anything he did needed to be done perfectly. When his mind is on something, he doesn't stop until he gets it.

Birthed by Mottlecloud (deceased)
Fathered by Crowwing (deceased)
Older/younger siblings are Falconpaw (alive, open)
Mates with Lilypetal (alive, open)


Born on the Hunters Moon
Former apprentice, kit
Sexuality is heterosexual
Likes leafbare, waking up early, crunchy leaves
Dislikes sand, slimy toads, feathers, young cats who like to cause trouble
Fears drowning, fire, losing his brother
Prefers eating rabbits and voles
Smells like bananas and figs

Hawktalon was born the only child to Mottlecloud and Crowwing. His father was the medicine cat at the time, and was often never around. His mother was kindhearted and always did the best for him. All the attention was on him, and it was perfect. At about 4 moons, he finally started going out and making friends, but it utterly failed. Hawkkit was made fun of for how small and delicate he was, how his name didn't fit him, how he belongs in the Twolegplace. At first, he simply ignored it, doing his own thing. But then, his brother was born, and Mottlecloud decided to keep the bird theme going and named him Falconkit. Finally he had someone to rely on. Hawkkit and Falconkit were very close, despite their age difference, and started to get in a lot of trouble together, escaping camp and daring each other to climb unstable trees to see who would fall first. That was when his father started getting involved, declaring that they would never be fit for a medicine cat life, and that because of that, they were of no use to him. Crowwing died a few days later of an unknown sickness, and when the two kits became apprentices, their mother died of old age. It was a depressing time for the both of them, even more so to Falconpaw. He was held back while Hawkpaw went on to become Hawktalon because he was so behind in his training. His many relationships throughout apprenticehood were, at this point, quite possibly the only ones he'd ever get. He secluded himself in his den for the most part, never putting forth the effort on any patrol. In the middle of leafbare, a group of warriors brought a shivering cat back to camp, her whiskers coated in icicles and coat drenched in snow. She was admitted into the Clan and went through full recovery. When she joined the warrior den as Lilypetal, she chose the nest next to Hawktalon, and they bonded over the next few days of talking. After that, they went hunting together all the time, and one of those days was when Lilypetal told him about her life before SnowClan, and professed her love. Hawktalon was shocked; no she-cat had ever done this to him, it was usually the other way around. But he loved Lilypetal too, and they became mates. After a skirmish with the newly created Sunrise Establishment, Hawktalon was promoted to deputy for his brave actions of letting himself almost die for an apprentice who was pinned underneath a DewClan warrior. Now, he lives somewhat peacefully with Lilypetal, always going to her for decisions and help with his duties. He's not too fond of kittens, but hopes that someday he'll grow old with Lilypetal and watch a few little kits running around in the nursery.

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