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\ Young Blood / An Other RP \ WIP /

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Young Blood / An Other RP WIP /

Post by Quake on Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:50 pm

Young Blood

We were making history

Backstory -

Breaking rules and breaking free

About a year ago, 5 teenagers went missing within a week. After around 3 months of searching, they were announced dead. But recently, the closest friend or family to them all received the same text message. To meet at this specific address, in 4 days time.

Questioning the writing on the wall

Plot -

Comin' from the underground

Part 1 -
The 5 friends or family of the teenagers that went missing all end up going to the address the text said. However, before they go, they have to deal with family life and school life - often rather messy.
Part 2 -
After visiting the address, they find a clue. It leads to a huge hunt. Halfway through the hunt, the group all realize that it's linked to their missing friends and family. 
Part 3 -
After completing the hunt, they get lead to a huge complex. There, they find out that that's where the missing teenagers had been taken. While searching, they find a lab that holds all kind of weird chemicals. They search the lab, but as they're doing that the whole building explodes. 
Part 4 -
The group all return home, somehow surviving the blast. However, as they're trying to go back to normal life, weird things start happening.

(small note: they get magic powers wink wonk)

Laughing as we're falling down

Ranks -

Soaking in the glory of it all


I suck today
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