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The Realms have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed Kiroho had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Summer brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and homes collapsing. Now, winter has arrived, and prey is scarce. The temperatures range from 0-25°F, and it is recommended not to enter the frigid waters until spring.

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Post by Quake on Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:43 pm

Credit to @Snoo for the majority of these descriptions!

Angel ⛧ Caelum Tribe
Angels are immortal, winged human-like creatures who live in the skies. They are usually unnaturally attractive compared to humans, and while purebloods don't have any special powers, they have enhanced skills and senses (especially compared to humans), and they can also fly with their large feathered wings. Most angels have light hair, blue eyes and white wings, but there are always differences. Angels with royal blood have gold-tinted wings. Wing colour is also usually genetic, but there can be outliers. Demi-angels are usually just humans with angel wings, but some could potentially be enhanced as well - or even just have the enhancements without the wings. Angels live in the Caelum Tribe with the Valkyries.

Valkyrie ⛧ Caelum Tribe
Valkyries, like angels, are immortal winged human-like creatures. Previously, they'd collect the souls of Vikings who died in battle, but after Ragnarok destroyed Valhalla they retreated to form their tribe. Like angels, they're enhanced in multiple different ways. They also have the ability to see who is dying in battle at any moment and are also naturally skilled with nearly all weapons. Valkyries can have any colour of wings, and most have light coloured hair. Demi-valkyries usually have 1 - 3 of these abilities. Valkyries live in the Caelum Tribe with the Angels. For Valkyrie surnames, scroll down to Surnames: Patronymics and Matronymics. Valkyries always use their mother's name.

Fairies ⛧ Briongloid Tribe
Fairies are relatively small, having two separate forms they can use. Their main body is their fairy one; they have wings that can vary in colour and size, including tiny wings that can sprout at their ankles while flying through great heights. The second form is their human form; they are normally about the size of a human teen around 4 ft 6in to 5 ft. They maintain their physical features such as delicate beauty, long hair, and small stature. They can have caring personalities or even sometimes be a little wild but are never really aggressive unless they have intruders on their land. The main choice of weapons they use are daggers, but these daggers are coated with poisons. The Fairies specialize in healing mainly, but also in poisons. They’re not as highly gifted with poisons as their Sprite cousins, but they can use them effectively however they please. One of their favourite things to do is catch dreams and nightmares, which only they can easily trap.

Nymphs ⛧ Briongloid Tribe
Nymphs are similar to Fairies and Sprite, but mostly to Fairies regarding their beauty and physicalities. Nymphs, however, do not have wings nor are they able to shift between two forms like the Fairies, but they are able to have different elements based on the season that is current. They may use their elements however they please, but they can not use them for sheer violence or hatred; nothing that can cause them to be corrupt. 

Winter - Water: during the two strongest months of winter, the Nymphs have the chance to have their water element change to Ice, based on the strongest times during the winter season. During the beginning of winter; end of Autumn, their bodies begin to change slowly over the months and they become accustomed to the new season. The same thing happens toward the beginning of Spring. 

Spring - during the months of Spring, just like Winter; the Nymphs’ bodies can change to two different elements of their choosing. Plant or Earth. Once they have made up their mind on which element they want, they can not change it to the other after the 1st day of Spring until the last day. 

Summer - just like the other two seasons, Nymphs may change their body elements to two different ones; Fire or Light. Again, during these months they are not allowed the change elements until the last day of the season. During the times when the sun is at it’s hottest and brightest, is when the two elements are at their strongest. 

Autumn - For this season, there is only one element for Nymphs to change to; Wind. They become more adapted to the windy climates and season, and when the days call for storms or just very windy weather, is when their element of Wind is strongest.

Sprites ⛧ Briongloid Tribe
Sprites are physically different from their Fairy and Nymph cousins. They do not have the smooth skin nor the unnatural beauty, nor are they able to change elements like the Nymphs. However, they do still have beauty to them, they are small like the Fairies when they’re in their human forms. The Sprites have one element and that is plant, giving their bodies the appearance of having vines all over and glowing eyes. Their bodies can vary in colour, ranging from dark to light, but nothing that is a vibrant colour. They have a speciality in poison, one that is even better than the Fairies. They do have some healing knowledge, but can not rival to that of the former. They can have easy personalities but are extremely territorial, even more so than their other cousins. They do have have a specific choice of weapon, however, they do fine with using their hands and fingers as claws that they may coat with poison.

Mermaids ⛧ Zali Tribe
Mermaids can be male or female, with the upper half of their bodies human-like and their lower halves that of having a large fishtail. They have an unremarkable beauty to them, their skin and tails coming in a range of different colours. They are allowed to change their fins to human legs, but only during the highest times when the Full Moon is out, and for about 12 hours. After this happens, their legs revert back to normal until the next Full Moon. The only exception is when high ranks have to go to a meeting - they can change to normal legs for around an hour, maybe a bit longer. They have two choices of weapons, a very sharp and long spear with one pointed tip; or a trident with three pointed ends on it. However, the mermaids who have royal lineage and higher ranks are allowed to use the tridents, while the lower ranks along with fighters and hunters may use the spears. While those are the two main choices of weapons, sometimes mermaids can use other weapons too.

Sirens ⛧ Zali Tribe
The Sirens are similar to the mermaids, but they have a few differences. They are only female in gender, retain the beauty and body type as the mermaids, however, they also have large bat-like wings, sharp pointed teeth, and their hands have claws that are retractable. The Sirens are not able to change the lower half of their bodies as the mermaids can, however, they are allowed to in order to mate (and, like mermaids, go to meetings). They do have the ability to sing very beautifully. They use their remarkable voices to lure unsuspecting prey, such as fish, humans, or even their enemies. They are allowed to mate, but mostly with human males; they normally do this only to conceive offspring, not romantically.

Gods ⛧ Qua Tribe
There are around 24 or more Gods/Goddesses. They are powerful beings, bearing incredible powers based on their own; not having the same powers per God. They have an immense beauty to them, even the male Gods themselves have beauty. Along with their powers, they each have unique weapons. They hold ranking above many supernaturals, but only a single ranking per God as they are powerful on their own.

Dragons ⛧ Serpentium Tribe
Dragons are massive reptilian creatures with large wings and powerful claws. They can vary in a wide range of colours, sizes, and shapes. They can fly to great heights and distances, even farther than the Angels. They can use different types of breaths as their weapons such as Fire, Water, Ice, Poison, Light, Dark, Plant, Sound, Electricity or Earth. They may have offspring as crossbreeds between two of the elements listed, but it’s uncommon for this to happen. They also have a second form, able to shift into a human at will. However, they don’t retain any of their breaths but they can generate their power around them in an aura or from their hands. There is a limit to how long they can use their power as a human in a day; about 8 hours until they have to either rest or shift into a dragon. As a dragon, they can use their power to no limits, unless they are over-exerted in a short span or just over-exhausted. 

Serpents ⛧ Serpentium Tribe
The Serpents are similar to that of the Dragons. They are able to shift to a human, have the same elements of breath, and can be a hybrid. Not much is different between the two species, except the Serpents have no legs or wings, they’re physically giant snakes. They can come in a range of colours, and vary in sizes and shapes.

Gorgons ⛧ Griffes Tribe
Gorgons are a species of creatures that are similar to Medusa. They have the lower half body of a snake, the upper half is human-like and they have the hair of snakes. They have the beauty of Medusa, even her power to turn people to stone. They can also be male or female, but the males do not have the snake hair as the females do, but still have the ability to turn others to stone. This ability can last up to an hour or two, but if the bodies are left alone in their state, they will not die. It can be difficult to kill a body that becomes petrified, as they almost become as hard as steel. This makes this species not over-powered, but still deadly. 

Arachnes ⛧ Griffes Tribe
This species is somewhat like the Gorgons; their lower body is that of a giant spider, their upper body that of a human. Some can have spider eyes (4-6), or they can have regular human eyes. Their eyesight, either way, is incredible, able to see far away than most. They are also able to spin very strong webs like a spider, making very effective traps and using their legs as weapons too. They can come in a variety of colours and sizes, but mostly stay the same size besides their offspring; they also can be male or female.

Werewolves ⛧ Griffes Tribe
Werewolves are a ferocious species to deal with. Any leaders, deputies, and healers or those of high blood have the wolf form of standing on their hind legs, similar to a human, as well as the same form as low ranks. Any low ranks or even high blood have the form of a giant wolf. Both versions can shift to a human, but during the full moon of every month, they are forced to change to a wolf. They must stay this way for the entire night from when the full moon rises until Dawn. They may be male or female.

Shapeshifters ⛧ Griffes Tribe
Shapeshifters are more commonly known as spies amongst other tribes. They are widely known for being to shift into one specific animal, creature, or species in general. Higher ranks can usually shift into more than 1 form, but no more than 5. The only way to tell a shifter apart from another species is their eyes. Their eyes are always one colour, throughout family bloodlines no matter the ranking or what form they take on. Their eyes can range from normal colours, but again must stay within family bloodlines, but they do have more oval-shaped pupils rather than the circle shape of humans. They can stay in their other form for as long as they wish. They do gain the physical aspects of the form they take, including any powers but they are reduced by half; not being as powerful as the original. However, shapeshifters are extremely intelligent, surpassing many species and thus coming to favour being called spies. They can be male or female.

Amazons ⛧ Vasilissa Tribe
Amazons are very tall humans with enhanced strength, reflexes, and combat. They are an all-female tribe. They usually wear greek armour and clothing fitted for them, and their weapons come in a few varieties. They can use swords, spears, bows, and even daggers as well. High ranks wear armour adorned with symbols or jewellery, their helmets shaped with wings or fur. They can have offspring with humans. Their height ranges from 6ft. to 7ft.

Witches ⛧ Vasilissa Tribe
Witches are an all-female race, able to mate with humans but only producing offspring with males. It can be difficult and take time for a witch to produce an offspring, but it will be known as a Witchling. They are cared for by all the witches, but none rarely show any kindness or love. A witch is taught how to fight from the age of 7-18 years old and is set out to hunt on their own after their first bleed (monthly cycle). They generally stop ageing physically around 20-24 years of age, and when they reach 50-100 is when they are trained to ride a dragon or broom. The only witches aloud a dragon are those of leaders, deputies, healers, or royal blood. The dragons they ride are those of the Serpentium Tribe, choosing the dragon based on combat and survival skills and will immediately form a bond. Those of lower ranks and bloodlines will ride a broom or nothing at all, but every Witch is born with magic. The higher rank witches have more powerful magic and channel it through wands or staffs; lower ranks may use spellbooks or potions. Healers are allowed to use all three, but most prefer spellbooks and potions. The elder witches are those of 1000 years and older, and any elder is regarded as a high rank and a seer. They give vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom to the younger witches but refrain from fighting too much. They are not as beautiful as the younger witches, being referred to as ugly and old with many wrinkles and saggy skin. All witches are adapted to using swords and daggers, but many prefer to use their iron teeth and nails all are born with.

Aliens ⛧ Locus Tribe
Aliens are a different type of species than the others. They are human-like, but not much in appearance. They can come in a variety of skin, hair, and eye colour; some are even able to have antennas. They can be male or female, but can only have offspring with their own kind. Aliens originated from other planets, migrating to the current one. They don’t have any special abilities or powers but have remarkably high intelligence. They have learned to speak over a hundred languages in the past centuries, but are mainly fluent in the common tongue used by the other tribes. They are not well-adapted to fighting environments but have been trained to fight. They prefer to live in the mountainous areas but can live in the forests or cities as well. Currently, they're living in a spaceship above a camp on a mountain, but they alternate between the two living areas. They do not have a preference of weapons, capable of using any they happen upon.

Cyborgs ⛧ Locus Tribe
Cyborgs are a race that are essentially hybrids. They can be any species currently known, but who has been cybernetically enhanced; along with being male or female. They are unable to physically reproduce any offspring unless any samples of blood or other bodily fluids are taken to ensure they have offspring. If they have been previously injured or become mentally unstable, any said species is allowed to be taken into a special facility and given new body parts and enhancements that make them cybernetic beings. They still have the unique attributes to that of their original race, however, as they are now enhanced they become physically and/or mentally stronger. They adapt very well to anything put in front of them, however, some can have communication problems that come with being a cyborg and having robotic parts. The only cyborgs allowed in the Locus Tribe are aliens and humans that have become cyborgs - everyone else is treated like a normal hybrid.

Ghosts ⛧ Saol Tribe

Ghosts are known to be humans or other species, but if they are of another species then they are considered a hybrid. The ghosts have two forms, their main is transparent still retaining any features they had as a human or other species. Their second form is that of what they were before they died. To tell when a Ghost is in their previous form, their eyes are a solid white making them look blind; but they do have a hint of colour in their pupils, but it is very minimal. It is also difficult for them to fight, however, in their main form they are able to possess someone else. They use this ability as their source of fighting, able to have full control of the other person. However, this can only last for about an hour to two, depending on how powerful the Ghost is and how much control they can hold over the possessed person. The one posssessed can fight back, but it is very difficult, especially if the Ghost is very angry or has a corrupt mind.

Vampires ⛧ Noapte Tribe

Vampires are a race that have very pale skin, they have either dark or light hair and eyes and hate the sunlight. However, there can be hybrids between a Vampire and Human, but it is highly rare and unacceptable in Vampire and Werewolf society for there to be a hybrid of the two said species. Vampires are able to turn humans into a vampire, able to drink their blood and therefore turning them. They are also very skilled in combat and have a constant ongoing feud with the Werewolves. They may be male or female, their physical ageing process stopping whenever they become bitten. If they are a child born to vampire parents, the child will stop ageing anywhere between 18-26 years old.

Fallen Angels ⛧ Fallen Angel Mountain Tribes
Fallen Angels are a close species of Angels. They have wings and their homes are in the skies, but they also prefer to live in dark places such as caves high in mountains or even around abandoned buildings down below. They have an alluring beauty, whether male or female. Their wings can be two different colours: white with red tints on them, these are the marks for royal blood; or complete black with or without tints of white. The Fallen Angels with white and red wings are mainly leaders of their group or signify they have a high rank. Those with black wings are mainly ones who have gone corrupt and violent, their beliefs different from those of the other tribes and species. Fallen Angels can get along with each other well, however, they do not get along well with the gods or goddesses, nor with the Angels. Fallen Angels can have a range of hair colour, but most tend to have white or black hair; on occasion, there are many with red or blonde hair as well. They do all have dark eyes and paler skin compared to that of the Angels, preferring darkness over light.

The Magicians' Sanctuary ⛧ Magicians, Sub-Species & Any Species
The Magician's Sanctuary is a save haven built for all pure-blood species seeking refuge. The place is mainly a mix of the larger tribes that had fallen due to the war, although many smaller species or miscellaneous live here as well. However, since the Sanctuary is neutral in the war and not an official tribe, some half-breeds sneak in and live undercover in the backstreets of the city. The walls combined with the powerful, but traditional magicians is enough to keep the creatures residing here relaxed and content. Because of the need of keeping the Sanctuary safe, the magicians go through strict and tough training before becoming an official member of the Inner Temples. Not only do they learn powerful spells and abilities, but also must learn the traditional ways of all creatures living together in harmony. Thus, they do not accept half-breeds on any occasion, but are more merciful than other tribes.

The Beast Tamers ⛧ Elves 
The Beast Tamers are a species of elf. They have long, pointed ears, and although they appear similar to humans, they are more enhanced in agility and strength. They have a youthful beauty to their faces, and usually wear clothing with pelts and fur to keep them warm in their snowy mountains. Beast Tamers, as high ranks, will wear traditional face paint to mark their rank. As assumed, they each are given their own magical creature, a beast whom they tame as a life-long companion. The two are connected, and support each other's backs almost all of the time. Beasts are received at a young age as an apprentice to develop a  connection earlier on in life. Apprentices training for a higher rank receive more powerful beasts, but this all depends on the beasts, as they are the ones who choose the tamers through a connection. The elves defend the creatures in the snowy mountains. Not many other species dare venture here or mark it on their maps as discovered territory because of the harsh climate. However, what they do not know is that many ancient and magical creatures reside here. A lot are gentle giants, whom are defended by the elves. They stay neutral to keep their hidden world out of the War, hearing about the stories they tell about the destruction of other species and tribes.


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