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Herro! I'm Vlaydo Playdo :3

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Herro! I'm Vlaydo Playdo :3

Post by Vlaydo Playdo on Mon 10 Aug 2015 - 10:49

Herro everybody! :3 My name is Vlaydo Playdo, and I live in Serbia. I've learned English over the years and finally discovered Warrior Cats when I was 12. I've been reading and rereading all the books ever since! I'm a huge anime lover as well; is it possible to have an anime RP hosted by me here? This is my first Warrior Cats RPG site, and I'm very excited!!! Very Happy
I did used to be part of AWRP, a Warrior Cats Roleplay Site, but sadly I'm not too active there. I was afraid they wouldn't accept me back, so I went along, browsed, and found you guys! Since this website doesn't seem to be too active and with more members, I wanted to help gain it. I'm trying to post so I can become an apprentice soon! Smile
A few questions and comments I have:

  1. I have a special relashonship with Braveheart in real life; Braveheart is my best friend.
  2. The side bar doesn't seem to be up to date, it's August..?
  3. Can I make high ranked characters that are open?
  4. Where do I post if I want to put up an anime RP?
  5. Why does it say forums instead of homepage, or home?
  6. This is awesome:  :fp:
  7. I love the whole theme of this site; especially the Comic Sans MS font!! ^-^

I'll have many more questions along the way, and mind my excited attitude all the time! Razz I tend to use exclamation points a lot, so beware.
Wow, what a long introduction.. XD

~Surprise! Vlaydo Playdo :3
Vlaydo Playdo
Audition Instructor
Audition Instructor

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Re: Herro! I'm Vlaydo Playdo :3

Post by Honorchior on Mon 10 Aug 2015 - 17:45

2. In The USA it is August 9th.
3. If they are open yes. But you need to be accept in order to RP them.
4. Post in other Roleplay Ideas
5. It is just how our site is. As we are relitivly new, we have little time to work on the minor details. Before 8 came, there was 1 topic 
6.glad you like it.
7. Same as 6.

If you need any help, feel free to PM Daisy or me because we are the most active admins, I check my PMS more often though.

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Re: Herro! I'm Vlaydo Playdo :3

Post by Daisyleap on Fri 9 Oct 2015 - 20:53

Thanks for joining Very Happy
I'm Daisy, and I'm the head admin on the site. Feel free to talk to me if you need to.


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Re: Herro! I'm Vlaydo Playdo :3

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