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the plot.
the patients of each sanctuary have slowly gotten back on their feet since the fearful beginning of their new lives. but not is all as it seems in their world. check out this post for all the deets.

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⛧ The Beast Tamers' Mountains ⛧ The Canyons ⛧

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⛧ The Beast Tamers' Mountains ⛧ The Canyons ⛧ Empty ⛧ The Beast Tamers' Mountains ⛧ The Canyons ⛧

Post by Sky on Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:59 pm

The Canyons are a deep and wide crevice in the mountains. Jagged cliffs and parts of the mountains stick out from the sides. It holds very little ledges, or paths that are safe to travel here on foot. However, Beast Tamers use their winged companions to reach this place. They use it as a training camp, mainly for apprentices to become more skilled in flying. It is very dangerous, even to the most skilled flyer to come here alone though, as a stray wind, or rock-slide could cause you plummeting to your death. One ledge is safe enough to set up a small camp with tents, although not encouraged to actually live there, as wild storms could end up killing you. Beast Tamers use the area to teach how to deep dive, fly around obstacles, and in small spaces skillfully; all the while learning new techniques. 


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