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the plot.
the patients of each sanctuary have slowly gotten back on their feet since the fearful beginning of their new lives. but not is all as it seems in their world. check out this post for all the deets.

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⛧ The Beast Tamers' Mountains ⛧Lake Lainnir ⛧

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⛧ The Beast Tamers' Mountains ⛧Lake Lainnir ⛧ Empty ⛧ The Beast Tamers' Mountains ⛧Lake Lainnir ⛧

Post by Sky on Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:10 pm

Lake Lainnir, named after its sparkling hue in both the sunlight and moonlight, is a beauty one could gaze upon the entirety of the day. It is below the cliff which holds the nestled in Town of Skadi, and their Winter Fortress. Sea Creatures dwell here, but mostly peaceful ones. Some elves build homes near it, rather soaking in the quiet sounds of nature than the ones of a bustling town. Fishing boats and docks are no surprise, and elves love to vacation on the beaches during the warmer months they seldom get.

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