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Vlaydo Playdo, a loner

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Vlaydo Playdo, a loner

Post by Vlaydo Playdo on Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:30 pm

Name~ vlaydo
Age~ 20.4 moons
Gender~ male
Preferred Position~ loner
Clan/Tribe~ none
Alive Family~ 
Mother: Vera
Father: Dragon
Brother: Bobica (whoever adopts can rename)
Brother: Mlayday (whoever adopts can rename)
Deceased Family~
Sister: Kat
Brother: Tom
Grandmother: Trina
Description~ a scruffy looking tom with black brown fur, long skinny legs, and chestnut brown eyes
Personality~ a very spiritual cat, even as a loner believing in galaxyclan, good-hearted and funny, intelligent and great planner, unique, determined, always thinking of new ideas
Physical Abilities~ great at fighting, hunting and swimming, is quite strong. average memory and stamina. very slow and not a good climber
Likes & Dislikes~ 
Likes: art, joking with friends, playing games, nature and most animals
Dislikes: negative cats, abusive twolegs
History~ daisy knows Wink
Accomplishments & Plans~ hopes to join a tribe someday, gone through many troubles that he always solves
Extras~ none

Roleplay Sample~ Vlaydo prowled through the undergrowth, a blur of black and brown fur. A blur of red fur flashed out of some bushes and a squeak of terror sounded as a mouse was killed swiftly. Vlaydo grinned proudly. His hunting had gotten so much better since that first day out of Twolegplace. Ever since he had run away from his housefolk, he had been much better off. The large tom had taught himself to hunt and fight, although he preferred the first over the latter. He had been doing so well on his own that he was starting to doubt ever needing help again, but he was getting lonely. Being a former kittypet, he missed his friends from the Twolegplace. He pushed those general thoughts away as he scarfed down his small lunch. As soon as he had finished the last morsel, he buried the bones. Vlaydo didn't want to be littering on someone else's territory.
Vlaydo Playdo
Audition Instructor
Audition Instructor

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Re: Vlaydo Playdo, a loner

Post by Daisyleap on Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:32 pm




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