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Lindenstar of HickoryClan

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Lindenstar of HickoryClan

Post by Braveheart on Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:16 pm

Name: LindenLindenkit ~ Lindenpaw ~ Lindentail ~ Lindenstar
Age: 38 moons
Gender: Male
Clan/Tribe: Hickory
Alive Family: None known.
Deceased Family:
Mother: Smokestorm
Father: Aspenbreeze
Brothers: Gray, Driftkit
Preceded by: Ashastar
Grandmother: Smolderstrike
Sisters: Opalkit, Dakota, Jaykit
Description: A skinny white tom with brown patches.
Psychical Abilities:
Strength~ 4- Okay
Speed~ 6- Excellent
Endurance~ 1- Poor
Attack~ 5- Excellent
Defense~ 2- Poor
Tactics~ 5- Excellent
All of his Clan life, Lindenstar has lacked the tender emotions every cat should possess even a smudge of. Ever since all of his loved ones died, he dedicated his life to protect a mate and kits. He wishes that there shall be no trouble brewing between the Clans and never calls a battle if it's not necessary. He is very quiet and silence and listening is a common virtue for Lindenstar. He's very trustworthy but doesn't trust others quite as well. A group of cats pretended to care for him and his family and brought them in, only to kill them all. He almost never shares secrets and rarely prays to GalaxyClan.
Likes and Dislikes:
Lindenstar is a fan of water and loves to swim in the stream that separates them from StreamClan. As a very fast runner he enjoys the wind blowing in his fur.
However, he hates being ignored and having dull claws he has many past scars from climbing incidents. Though he loves kits, he dislikes them much when they are too noisy for his pleasure.
Named after the great plant that grew close by his kittypet home, Lindenstar, or Linden at the time, was very grateful to his life. From the start everyone knew he was a natural born leader. After their housefolk abused them and abandoned the house, the family took off in separate directions. Grandmother Smoldered took Father Aspen away to a nearby Clan by the name of Fire. They changed their names to Smolderstrike and Aspenbreeze, finding new mates and creating another happier and healthier family, while Mother Olive, with all 6 kittens, set off to make a little camp where their "Pack" can live. They fit it like a starter Clan, changing their names to Smokestorm, Lindenkit, Opalkit, Driftkit, Jaykit. The last two, older than the others, refused to such silly names. Gray and Dakota lived the longest with Lindenkit during the untrustworthy battle with the Plan-B rogues. The others died long before that, with a sickness that Smolderstrike - a "medicine keeper" of FireClan - called Bloodcough. Smokestorm's last words are quoted by Lindenstar himself to this day whenever any cat asks why he is a leader - once a kittypet, always a kittypet -, "Go to the light. Go to the trees. And what you will find there - is something you've always been waiting for." In a rasp Smokestorm then drifted off into The Valley of Spirits; where all good loners, rogues, and kittypets go when they pass away. Gray and Dakota were the last to go. On the journey to try and find what Smokestorm meant, a dog leaped out and attacked them. Lindenkit managaged to escape, but every time he passes by the dry blood spattered on the trees by his Stream, he wonders what could have been. It was all pretty much normal after that acceptance into HickoryClan; the leader himself that chose the young Lindentail as deputy after the old drowned in the stream was a kittypet, and believed that anyone could lead a Clan, even after their past. Lindentail only spoke of those lies in his life to Ashastar, yet rarely. He still waits to live up to whatever is waiting for him, like mother said.

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Re: Lindenstar of HickoryClan

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:57 pm

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