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004. Cat Nutritions

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004. Cat Nutritions

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:10 pm

This is an important read for the roleplay - we like to be as realistic as possible, so we have a nutritional guide for cats. This serves as a site standard for how much and how often a cat should be eating. This guide should be considered on all regular days of roleplaying. If you see something is missing or needs to be updated, please message @Daisyleap.
Adult cats generally eat only once or twice per day, and the amount they eat should be roughly 2% - 4% of their ideal body weight. For the sake of simplicity we'll assume that most cats living within or near the Clans fall somewhere between 5lbs - 10lbs, although there may be a few cats that go slightly above or under those guidelines.
Based on this, a cat would have to eat around 3oz - 6oz ( 85g - 170g ) of meat per day. 
Here are some guidelines for adult cats in relation to some standard prey. Younger, more fit cats will generally eat more, whereas elders or cats closer to retiring will eat a bit less. If you'd like a new type of prey added, post a thread in the suggestions board or message a staff member! 
An average mouse will feed roughly 1/3 of a cat.
An average vole will feed roughly 1/3 of a cat.
An average squirrel will feed roughly 3 cats.
A small rabbit will feed roughly 3 cats.
An average rabbit will feed roughly 7 cats.
A very large rabbit will feed roughly 11 cats.
A small fish will feed roughly 4 cats.
An average fish will feed roughly 8 cats.
A very large fish will feed roughly 11 cats.
An average sparrow will feed roughly 1/3 of a cat.
An average thrush will feed roughly 1/2 of a cat.
An average starling will feed roughly 1 cat.
An average pigeon will feed roughly 2 cats.
An average crow will feed roughly 2 cats.
Kittens, as opposed to their adult counterparts, can only eat a little at a time due to their small stomachs. This means that they will have many small meals per day, regardless of whether they are still on their mother's milk or have been weaned to solid food. There is no set amount that kittens must eat, since they grow so rapidly and food intake is changing all the time. When playing a kit character, you can just make guesses based on the guidelines above. 
This is just meant to be a general guide so we're not having some characters eating way more than other characters with no real explanation. You don't have to worry too much about being exact with amounts. Just make sure not to do something like have one cat eat an entire rabbit by themselves, unless they've been starved.

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