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Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks (closed)

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Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks (closed)

Post by Queen Muffin on Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:53 pm

Bloodshine prowled into the clearing, whiskers twitching. She raised her nose, sniffing the air furiously. She whistled almost quietly into the air, and did some type of odd movement with her paws and legs, and big brown, gray, black, and every other coloured dogs came stomping towards her, splashing through the swamp and wincing when they stepped on a slimy creature like the frogs or the toads. One smaller gray one had slipped, but immediately got back up and rushed to Bloodshine's side. Bloodshine stopped her movements and stood still as a statue, her colorful whistling still echoing against the gentle breeze. The almost-toxic aroma of the smelly swamp dogs entered her nose and she violently flinched, but then backed away and changed gazes towards each and every one of the dogs. She almost seemed to talk in a sign language type of way. She placed her paw in the air and twisted and turned it. She meowed something silently that only she could hear, but then she yowled a warning to the others that would encounter this great movement of the Clans. The dogs seemed to nod and then followed the powerful red she-cat towards HickoryClan camp. Before she left the clearing, though, Bloodshine splashed the only clean part of the water that had rushed into the ferns close by onto her forehead so it looked like she had been running from her companion dogs and sweating like hell. Her magpie landed on her shoulder swiftly and she smiled, heading towards camp, thinking she was faster than a horse, but really she was as fast as the next cat; which was common in HickoryClan for cats to be slow. The dogs followed her with gentle footsteps, but slowly pounding their paws against the dirt and entering the fog that appeared when they got closer and closer to camp, which seemed to almost emerge out of Bloodshine's or the magpies little tails as they elegantly burst into the camp walls.

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