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Honeypool of Cloudclan // Warrior

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Honeypool of Cloudclan // Warrior

Post by Stormheart on Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:54 am

Name: Honeykit // Honeypaw // Honeypool
Age: 16 Moons
Gender: She-cat
Preferred Position: Warrior
Clan/Tribe: Cloudclan
Alive Family: Dewstrike(father), Shiningcloud(mother), Mapleleaf(sister)
Deceased Family: --
Description: Honeypool is a golden, ginger tabby she-cat. She is lithe and her pelt is sleek. Honeypool's ears are rounder, not pointy. She has long, soft fur along with a fluffy tail and underbelly. Her eyes are pools of blue, hence her suffix. She also holds a scar on her shoulder from a tragic fall. (see history)
Personality: Honeypool is a sweet and friendly she-cat. She possesses the characteristics of a cat that you'd most likely want to be friends with. Honeypool is kind and caring, although she still has a few faults. She can be a bit careless sometimes, as well as stubborn.
Physical Abilities: Honeypool is best at swimming, hunting, and fighting. Her weaknesses are running, climbing and stamina.
Likes & Dislikes: Honeypool loves to bathe in the warm sun, she also loves swimming, pigeons, and any sort of fishes. Honeypool favors having friends most of all. She dislikes twolegs, foxes, heights, and rabbits.
History: Honeypool grew up with one sister, Mapleleaf. In there years as apprentices, they both did quite well in hunting. She received her scar on her shoulder from when she climbed a tree once. It did not go very well, for she was knocked off by a territorial raccoon and fell down, hitting the branches as she did so. As a warrior, she makes many friends, and has few enemies; besides when battling other clans.
Accomplishments/Plans for the Future: N/A
Extras: N/A
Roleplay Sample: Honeypool stretched as she basked in the warmth of the high sun. The day was perfect. Birds chattered, flowers were blooming and best of all, Honeypool had gotten a great nap. However, her thoughts were interrupted as a paw prodded her side.
"Honeypool!" Honeypool blinked open her eyes, adjusting to the bright light. She peered up to where she noticed Mapleleaf, her sister. "What is it, Mapleleaf?" Honeypool asked, sitting upright now and grooming her ruffled fur. Mapleleaf's amber eyes brightened up, "We're going on a hunting patrol," The tawny she-cat explained, quickly noticing Honeypool's bored gaze, "And this time we'll have extra time to swim afterwards!" At the sound of her words, Honeypool's ears perked up in interest. "Swimming? I haven't been able to do that for ages." She muttered halfly to herself. Besides the time Pinestorm pushed me in the water...
A while later, the patrol was organized, including Honeypool and Mapleleaf. Rosedust, Mousetuft, and Crookedstripe were called as well. At the sound of Mousetuft's meow to leave, Honeypool bounded forward in excitement. She parted her jaws and enjoyed the familiar scents of the marsh as they padded onward. Mapleleaf halted and flicked her tail to a scuttling bush. Honeypool nodded, scenting the water vole right away. She got into the hunter's crouch, positioning herself just above the damp ground, and stalked the gray fur of the vole. In a heartbeat, she pounced and landed neatly on the vole, it's body squirming in the clutches of her claws. She bent down, giving it a swift bite on it's neck. At the nod of approval from Mousetuft, she purred happily as she buried the water vole in the earth so that no other animal would steal her prey. The patrol continued, and once they reached the shore of one of the small lakes, the cats had caught enough. Honeypool raced to the body of water without a word to the patrol, nor Mapleleaf, and leaped in. Her paws sunk into the muddy bottom of the lake's shallow area as she landed. With a push, she swam off and held her chin high above the water, enjoying the refreshing water against her fur. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Crookedstripe and Mapleleaf entering the water as well. With a burst of paddling, she reached her sister and gave her a good splash. Mousetuft and Rosedust crouched at the shore, sharing tongues, while  the three younger warriors splashed and swam. At the flick of Mousetuft's tail, the patrol emerged from the waters, shook their pelts and continued back to camp with mouthfuls of prey. 

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Robinclan: Duskheart(warrior)
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Re: Honeypool of Cloudclan // Warrior

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:08 am

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