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Lilystar ~ SilentClan Leader

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Lilystar ~ SilentClan Leader

Post by Honorchior on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:09 pm

Lilykit Lilypaw Lilyfeather Lilystar
She-cat//SilentClan//Leader//54 Moons

Lilystar is a small black cat with a white-speckled coat. She has blue eyes with flecks of emerald green. The dots go from the top of her head to the tip of her tail but only on her back side. Her belly is gray and she has gray paws that look like she is wearing tiny kitty ankle socks.

Lilystar is an extremely demanding cat. She always gets what she wants no matter what. She is ready to do whatever it takes, but she likes to try the peaceful path first. She is also very good at getting cats to do what she wants. She is very pretty which makes most toms just want to do what she tells them to. She is the type of cat who would never give up. She also has trust issues. She has a hard time doing things as simple as rolling on her back unless she has full trust of the people around her. She is a great leader. Don't let her size fool her. Many cats have met their end by thinking they could pick on her just because she is small.

Lilystar started out as a clan cat in SnowClan along with her sister and father. Her mother died at birth, and she and her sister nearly didn't survive because there were no other queens to nurse them. Her father stuck through it and brought them up on his own. Unlike her sister, Lilystar never believed in GalaxyClan. As she put it, who could ever believe in something that would let such young kits be without a mother. When she was little she heard stories about the "other" clans. The four clans who lived without GalaxyClan. Not connecting with anyone in the clan as they all tried to prove GalaxyClan's exictance to her, she finally ran away to join the other clans. SilentClan accepted her. Over time she was able to work her way up in SilentClan until she became the vice. After a long time as the vice, the leader left the clan, saying he wished to live alone for his last few moons of life, and so Lilystar became leader of SilentClan. And she is the best leader SilentClan has ever had.

Mother: Treestone/Dead(childbirth)
Father: Fishscale/Elder/NPC
Sister: Hickoryapple/Medicine Keeper of SnowClan/Mine

My Cats:


Periwinklestar-Shecat-Leader-9 Lives


Hickoryapple-Shecat-Medicine Keeper

The Tribe of Secret Souls:

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Kirako-Shecat-Top God

The Four Other:

Cats Outside of the Clans:

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Re: Lilystar ~ SilentClan Leader

Post by Daisyleap on Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:11 pm

Fuzzy Rainbows


"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."


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