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Post by Daisyleap on Sun Aug 19, 2018 7:06 pm

Alright, so Honor tallied up the high ranks based on how many ranks were created and how many were reserved, and the number is quite uneven - peruse as you wish below.

@Queen Muffin: 1 - 0
@Omi: 0 - 1
@Tinkerbell: 1 - 0
@Vlaydo Playdo: 1 - 0
@Spinning Fox: 1 - 1
@Braveheart: 3 - 0
@Jackthe4th: 1 - 2
@Aqua: 1 - 3
@Stormheart: 4 - 1
@Quake: 1 - 7

This is clearly a problem, which is why we've decided to enforce a new rule. Most of the leader positions are filled, so no one can audition for them, but the people who have reserved them haven't made them. Leader roles are super important and if the people who have reserved them don't make them, the roleplay essentially cannot move forward at all. Listed below, there a few potential ways to fix this problem, which are the new rules being added and edited.

1. You may reserve four cats at a time. This is to ensure that other people get the chance to reserve ranks, and make sure that if you don't make your characters, it will be easier to swap it around.
2. You may own, at most, five cats in leading positions of deputies, medicine keepers, and medicine keeper apprentices. This is to ensure that everyone can get a chance at having a high rank.
3. You may own only one leader. This is to ensure that the stress of leading a group will not go all on one person, and to make sure that other people get a chance at leading as well.
4. You get two weeks to make your character after reserving it. This is half a month, which is super generous if you consider it, and it will ensure that we don't go too long without having leading roles.

It's obvious that some of you might not be happy with these new rules, but it needs to be put in place if we want to the roleplay to begin and move forward easily. We know life gets busy sometimes, but everyone wants the site to stay active, and that means we need to address this issue. Everyone who has reserved a high rank and has not made it yet will get two weeks to make the audition, and if that fails, the position will be given away. This also goes with, if you have made a high rank but haven't roleplayed in two weeks, you will receive a few warning messages and within a month the spot will be given to someone else.

Please, feel free to leave suggestions, comments, and concerns below.


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