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Post by Twistedheart on Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:20 pm

Brindleflight is a brown tabby with lighter cocoa stripes, small white paws, a long tail, and magnificent green-amber eyes. She's about 32 moons, just a little older than her mate Sootfang. She is a very sweet and kind FireClan cat, although she will snap back. She treats everyone like family, and usually never has problems within the Clan. She loves to tease cats, especially her mates, but if they don't like she'll tend to snap back and turn into a monster. Her good side makes her the epitome of a good warrior, but the bad thing is she'll act like an apprentice or kit sometimes. Rivers easily frighten her, and she'll only cross one if there is no other way around it. Everything else for her is pretty average. She enjoys hunting and fighting, and she can run like a horse, as well as climb a decent height onto a tree. She remembers most of her birth and childhood, but after that her mind is kind of blank. She can keep doing something for an okay amount of time, and she can lift an average rock, sure. She can diffuse tension between other Clans with reason and sensibility. Any family members she had, other than her mate, she never remembers or knew. Born to a loner mother and fathered by a kittypet, her life was tough. She was abandoned by her father soon after her birth, and her mother ran away and left little Brindle with her father's old kittypet home. A band of cats attacked every backyard on that block and completely knocked out the defenseless young Brindle, but when she woke she was safely tucked in a leaf blanket in a small, cozy den. Nobody ever told her how they came up to find her, but when they found out her decent skills, she sat silent vigil with a tom named Sootfang and they became mates. He was actually the one that found her knocked out in a Nofur backyard, but he never speaks of it to her, nor does she know about it. Brindleflight has yet to go in her life further and further.


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Re: Brindleflight

Post by Daisyleap on Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:29 am

Great job, Twisted!
You've been merrily


"Sometimes bad things happen for no reason, or for reasons we can't begin to understand."


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