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Post by Queen Muffin on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:56 pm

 Rory is a pale orange she-cat with tufts of white fur on her muzzle, underbelly, chin, and forepaws. She has bright amber eyes and long fang-like teeth. Unlike the other outcast Clans, Rory leads DawnClan peacefully. She rarely goes into battle and actually discourages fighting as the first step when there are border squabbles, stealing of prey, or disagreements. Some of her Clan say she has too much mercy, and a particularly sassy one named Rose says 'Rory should use those fangs for something other than snoring.'. DewClan, SilentClan, and SmokeClan think of Rory as one less threat to worry about, but the Tribes are taking advantage of her merciful nature and planting more and more attacks and skirmishes each day. Despite this, her Clan follows her commands without questions, knowing that she keeps their life in good paws. Rory was born to two loners who were used to treatment from Twolegs. Rory, also, enjoyed the pampered life. But one day while basking in the sun outside of a Twoleg house fence, a cat named Gaia approached her. Gaia kidnapped Rory and took her into a group of cats who called themselves 'Yijiao'. Rory never saw her mother or father ever again, but grew to like the 'Clans'. But Yijiao had an evil, merciless nature, and Rory was too kind to accept it. But one thing kept Rory from leaving Yijiao back to her Twolegs and parents; she had feelings for Gaia. It was something Rory had never felt before, but she wanted to have Gaia close to her and eat prey with her or just spend one second with her without an order. When Rory was 30 moons old, being kidnapped (or catnapped) at 14 moons, she learned about some new Clans forming outside of Yijiao and the Tribes. They called themselves SilentClan, DewClan, and SmokeClan. Rory wanted to start her own Clan, along with the three new ones. She was pushed to her last minute when Rory was forced to kill a cat in battle by Gaia. She escaped the camp late at night when most cats were asleep, and she claimed a small piece of territory to create a Clan. She called it DawnClan, because it was dawn when she met the first cat who was desperate to have other cats to rely on. It began to grow and stands as it is today. Rory still can't shake her feelings for Gaia, and refuses to have a mate or kits.

 Ryepaw(apprentice of RobinClan)
Bearthorn(warrior of SnowClan)
Rory(leader of DawnClan)

Forever villains.. muahahahaa!
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Re: Rory

Post by Daisyleap on Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:11 pm



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