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The Realms have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed Kiroho had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Summer brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and homes collapsing. Now, winter has arrived, and prey is scarce. The temperatures range from 0-25°F, and it is recommended not to enter the frigid waters until spring.

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SmokeClan Camp

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SmokeClan Camp Empty SmokeClan Camp

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:25 pm

SmokeClan camp is similar to DewClan, except it is much smaller. A sturdily-built treehouse is right on the edge of the pine forest that SilentClan calls home, and it isn't likely that it will fall down any time soon. The cats aren't sure if their camp was made by Twolegs or not, but sometimes the older cats like to tell kittens a story about rogues prowling through the pine forest, long before any of the Clans got there, and when they died they would be enwined together into the tree and eventually made the treehouse. The occasional squirrel or bird will get stuck in the treehouse for makes of easy prey while still at home, but the forest animals have learned not to go up there now that the cats' scents are everywhere.

{Pinpointing the Camp}

[There are no dens or rooms in the treehouse at all, so the cats just huddle together to keep warm and sleep on some of the old furniture left behind by Twolegs long ago.]

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SmokeClan Camp Empty Re: SmokeClan Camp

Post by Braveheart on Sun Oct 14, 2018 8:58 pm

Rowanstar yawned, waking up from his long nap. Eyes threatening to flutter back to sleep, he roused and sat for a few moments on the neon yellow bean bag in a corner of the roomy treehouse. He watched over the sleeping forms of his Clan, as well as a few sharing tongues near the entrance. He spotted Heathernose's body and gently approached her, purring. "Would you like to go for a walk, sweetheart?" he asked softly, pressing his nose to her growing stomach. He felt very faint movement and smiled, hoping that his kits would grow up to be the bravest warriors SmokeClan has ever seen.


SmokeClan Camp Afternoon_kitten_square_divider_by_cal_vain-dbfuwto
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