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[Rowanstar of SmokeClan]

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[Rowanstar of SmokeClan]

Post by Braveheart on Mon Jul 24, 2017 7:00 pm

Rowan // Rowanpool // Rowanstar
54 moons

Gender: Tom-cat
Position: Leader
Clan: SmokeClan
Appearance: Rowanstar is a slender brown tom with darker tabby stripes and glimmering green eyes.
Personality: Rowanstar is very easy talk to; he listens to everybody and prefers to work things out with words rather than claws. He is friendly and socially confident, loving to talk as well but might get a little egotistical when someone asks about him. He is loyal and trustworthy, and has kept secrets for many moons. But sometimes keeping all those secrets bottled up makes him crazy, and he'll go insane from time to time and has to live in the comfort of his mate, Heathernose, for a while.
Physical Abilities:
Fighting - 3
Hunting - 8
Running - 5
Climbing - 7
Swimming - 2
Strength - 4
Stamina - 9
Logic - 6
Herbs - 1
Memory - 10
Mother - Snow
Father - Dart
Sister - Smoke
History: Rowanstar was born as a rogue to Snow and Dart with a sister named Smoke. Once they were old enough to walk and talk, Rowanstar, then Rowan, would lead Smoke on adventures throughout the territory. Dart would always come along, but as they grew, Smoke became very mischievous and was always causing trouble. She would disappear at times, especially at night, and Rowan was catching on and started to follow her. When they were about 11 moons old, Smoke finally opened up about her adventures and took Rowan with her. They trekked long distances during nighttime when Snow and Dart were sleeping, but before they could get to their landmark they were met with three giant foxes. The vixen killed Smoke, but Rowan got away just in time and sprinted back home with Smoke's body once he managed to fend off the foxes. He partially blamed himself for her death and became very depressed. A moon later, he heard about groups of cats forming around where he lived calling themselves 'Clans'. He wanted to honor Smoke and made SmokeClan, and now lives in peace with his mother and father. His Clan is still small, but he loves and welcomes any cat who is looking for shelter. He decided to become Rowanstar so he could be more like the Clans. He met a former Clan cat named Heathernose who was exiled for something she didn't do, and he welcomed her into SmokeClan. They eventually became mates and Heathernose is now expecting kits.
Notes: N/A

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