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The Realms have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed Kiroho had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Summer brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and homes collapsing. Now, winter has arrived, and prey is scarce. The temperatures range from 0-25°F, and it is recommended not to enter the frigid waters until spring.

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003. The History

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003. The History Empty 003. The History

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:53 am

This is a required read for all members of the site. If you see that something has been left out or needs to be updated, please message [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Long ago, a wandering group of animals found an expansive stretch of free land with plentiful prey and herbs, access to fresh water, and enough territory for all of them. A powerful tiger named Karma suggested they split up into different groups so they could use space more efficiently. And so, they listened, and split into three Realms. One group took to the rainforest, calling themselves Majani. One group made shelter in the desert, calling themselves Ngamia. And the last group lived in the looming mountains, calling themselves Kupanda. For many generations, these three Realms lived in peace and harmony, establishing kings, queens, deputies, and healers in each Realm. But to these naive animals, Karma was their god. She did not join a Realm, and traveled and hunted in each territory, picking and choosing. At the time she was simple, not causing any trouble to the Realms other than stealing their prey occasionally. But that was all about to change... 

One hundred and fifty-five moons ago, humans began moving into the territory for hunting, as there was a village very close to Majani. The animals couldn't do anything about it: Karma had disappeared and nobody knew what to do about them. The healer of Majani, named Caelum, suggested that the leaders of each Realm could gather a few members and meet up to discuss problems within each Realm. She went and proposed the idea to the others and they all agreed. They used a secluded hollow in Majani's rainforest to speak the next day, which was a full moon. Caelum wanted the cats to keep peace but they ended up bickering and arguing the whole time. Nothing was decided upon. Human hunters continued to wreck havoc on the Realms, setting traps throughout Majani territory to catch foxes and other predators. The traps captured Majani creatures, badly injuring them and sometimes even killing them. At the next full moon, they held a Gathering again, and Majani was understandably upset about the events. They declared they would move farther into the mountains; practically stealing Kupanda's only stretch of land. This was the first time in recorded history that a proper fight broke out during a Gathering. Ngamia declared battle on the other realms, trying to stand up for Kupanda. This skirmish turned into a full-on war when Kupanda then decided to expand into the desert. All three realms held a grudge against each other, and it wasn't going away anytime soon.

One hundred and twelve moons ago, Majani's queen, named Volant, had been seriously injured by a member of Ngamia, the war still raging between the Realms. Despite the constant fighting, each Realm still held Gatherings, often reluctantly but feeling obliged since the healers, related to the sacred realm of Kiroho, told them to. Volant sent her deputy, Aries, to speak on her behalf. At the Gathering, Aries begged the other Realms to cease the battle, if only for the sake of Volant. When Aries led Majani back to camp, they found the healer huddled in the center of camp next to the limp body of Volant, who had lost her life and joined the ranks of Kiroho. Soon afterwards, the King died from the grief of mourning his wife. Aries then became King, wanting to honor Volant's memory. Although he was a generally carefree cat, he was determined to lead Majani with an iron fist. He did not take on a Queen. He was organized and detail-oriented, always ready when the other Realms sent attacks. But he was soon going to be crushed back into the core of his Clan, just like the others. Karma had returned, with a band of bloodthirsty cats following her. They called themselves Ossium. The Realms realized they had been fighting for so long about a useless piece of territory, and saw the real threat now was Ossium. They came together as one and fought Ossium with all their strength. Aries killed Karma, and the rest of Ossium fled. Everybody praised the strong leader and lived in peace again.

One hundred moons ago, after the animals had finally settled and only had minor disagreements over prey levels in winter, a red panda named Sanguis rose. She was the deputy of Kupanda, having killed her parents and brother so they wouldn't get in her way. Sanguis was like a replica of Karma, definitely earning the name her father had given her at birth. At the time, the leader Abiete trusted Sanguis. She still acted loyal and always agreed with Abiete. Some would describe her as, if you may, a Cruella De Vil in bear form. But Sanguis had plans to destroy the Realms. She was working for a secret group of animals who called themselves Vulkaria, but they were yet to rise. Sanguis and the arcane Lapis trained a pack of snow leopards to tear through the Realms like a claw through flesh. She let them loose and they went and killed any animal who got in their way. Sanguis killed Abiete and pinned his body up on the meeting rock, showing all the animals shivering in fear that she was behind all of this. Some say nobody survived the dogs, but it could be true that many animals managed to escape. When the Kupanda camp was clear, bodies littering the ground, the leopards came back to Sanguis. The group of feral animals called Vulkaria hated the relaxing lives of the Realms. Legends say that the leopards killed Sanguis in the end, but some members of Vulkaria recall their leader brutally slaughtering Sanguis. After the ruthless harvesting of the Clans, the leopards ran off into the mountains, never to be seen again.

Ninety-nine moons ago, humans began to die off. The Realms did not see any of this as too strange, and went on with their lives. But one day, their entire worlds changed. An explosion sounded from far off. Animals scrambled into their dens. Then, another one sounded, closer. Some smarter animals knew that they needed to escape, and fled the Realms. A bomb finally dropped on their territories and killed most of the animals.

Ninety-seven moons ago, the entire human population had been completely wiped out. Animals began to rise once more, but this time, something had changed. They had mutations, and powers. Some could summon fire into their paws. Some could weave a basket out of a log with the swipe of a talon. It was quite the discovery. An old bear, on the edge of death, told the animals the history of Aoria. He was very wise, and the Realms slowly picked themselves back together. Since the bomb dropping, even the lands of Aoria had mutated, which caused a desert, a rainforest, a cluster of mountains, and a sea to form right next to each other. In the desert was Ngamia, in the rainforest was Majani, in the mountains was Kupanda, and in the sea was a new Realm named Maji. They brought their ranks together and made sure the healers could communicate to Kiroho. The Realms commenced a new generation of animals once more, living in the pawsteps of the old.

Seventy-six moons ago, a mysterious force built Vulkaria once again, gathering a countless amount of wanderers that stalked the Sea Bridge, and sending multiple attacks on the new Realms. That soon ceased, and they went into hiding once more.

Now, The Clans live in a somewhat peaceful state of mind, as Vulkaria hasn't bothered them in quite a while. Without the presence of a common enemy, old rivalries over territory and prey have begun to rise again. But Vulkaria has their own plans brewing...

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