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003. The History

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003. The History

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:53 am

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This is a required read for all members of the site to make sure you are caught up and know the history of the site. This is also a good resource for auditions if you plan on creating an elder or a leader! If you see that something has been left out, or something needs to be updated, please message [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
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Long ago, a wandering group of cats found an expansive stretch of free land with plentiful prey and herbs, access to fresh water, and enough territory for all of them. A powerful she-cat named Karma suggested they split up into different groups so they could use space more efficiently. And so, they listened, and split into five Clans of cats. One group lived in the nooks and crannies of a large canyon, calling themselves GustClan. One group lived in the prairie alongside wildebeests, calling themselves FireClan. One group lived in the large forest, calling themselves HickoryClan. One group lived in the vast flatlands, calling themselves FallowClan. And the last group had the smallest space available: just a little trickling stream at the edge of the forest, and a few rocks lining the border with the flatlands. They were called StreamClan. For many generations, these five Clans lived in peace and harmony, establishing leaders, deputies, and medicine keepers in each Clan. But to these naive cats, Karma was their god. She did not join a Clan, and traveled and hunted in each territory, picking and choosing. At the time she was simple, not causing any trouble to the Clans other than stealing their prey occasionally. But that was all about to change... 
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One hundred and fifty-five moons ago, Twolegs began moving into the territory for hunting, as there was a village very close to GustClan. The cats couldn't do anything about it: Karma had disappeared and nobody knew what to do about them. The medicine cat of GustClan, named Skystreak, suggested that the leaders of each Clan could gather a few cats and meet up to discuss problems within each Clan. He went and proposed the idea to the others and they all agreed. They used a secluded hollow in HickoryClan's forest to speak the next day, which was a full moon. Skystreak wanted the cats to keep peace but they ended up bickering and arguing the whole time. Nothing was decided upon. Twoleg hunters continued to wreck havoc on the Clans, setting traps throughout GustClan territory to catch foxes and other predators. The traps captured GustClan cats, badly injuring them and sometimes even killing them. At the next full moon, the cats held a Gathering again, and GustClan was understandably upset about the events. They declared they would move farther into the mountains; practically stealing StreamClan's only stretch of land. This was the first time in recorded history that a proper fight broke out during a Gathering. FireClan declared battle on each other, trying to stand up for StreamClan. This skirmish turned into a full-on war when some Clans banded together: FireClan, FallowClan, and StreamClan formed LionClan and GustClan and HickoryClan formed TigerClan. Their connection was destroyed, deputies of each Clan remarking borders to make their territory larger, warriors teaching their apprentices that they could, by all means, hunt on others' territory, and the power thirsty leaders making kits into apprentices much too soon so they could have more backup in the battle.
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One hundred and twelve moons ago, GustClan's leader, named Larkstar, had been seriously injured by a FireClan cat, the war still raging between LionClan and TigerClan. Despite the constant fighting, each different Clan still held Gatherings, often reluctantly but feeling obliged since a medicine cat, related to GalaxyClan, told them to. Larkstar sent her deputy, Ramfoot, to speak on his behalf. At the Gathering, Ramfoot begged the other Clans to cease the battle, if only for the sake of Larkstar. When Ramfoot led GustClan back to camp, they found the medicine cat huddled in the center of camp next to the limp body of Larkstar, who had lost her last life and joined GalaxyClan. Ramfoot received his nine lives the next day, wanting to honor Larkstar's memory. Although he was a generally carefree cat, he was determined to lead GustClan with an iron fist. He was organized and detail-oriented, always ready when LionClan sent attacks. But he was soon going to be crushed back into the core of his Clan, just like the others. Karma had returned, with a band of bloodthirsty cats following her. They called themselves BloodClan... what else? The Clans realized they had been fighting for so long about a useless piece of territory, and saw the real threat now was BloodClan. They came together as one and fought BloodClan with all their strength. Ramstar killed Karma, and the rest of BloodClan fled. Everybody praised the strong leader and lived in peace again.
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One hundred moons ago, after the cats had finally settled and only had minor disagreements over prey levels in leafbare, a cat named Bloodshine rose. She was the deputy of HickoryClan, having killed her parents and brother so they wouldn't get in her way. Bloodshine was like a replica of Karma, definitely earning the name her father had given her at birth. At the time, the leader Lindenstar trusted Bloodshine. She still acted loyal and always agreed with Lindenstar. Some would describe her as, if you may, a Cruella De Vil in cat form. But Bloodshine had plans to destroy the Clans. She was working for a secret group of cats who called themselves Yijiao, but they were yet to rise. Bloodshine and the arcane Lapis trained a pack of dogs to tear through the Clans like a claw through flesh. She let them loose and they went and killed any cat who got in their way. Bloodshine killed Lindenstar and pinned his body up on the meeting rock, showing all the cats shivering in fear that she was behind all of this. Some say nobody survived the dogs, but it could be true that many cats managed to escape. When the HickoryClan camp was clear, bodies littering the ground, the dogs came back to Bloodshine. There was a group of feral cats who called themselves Tooth, having a deep hatred for the relaxing Clan lives, too. The legends say that the dogs killed Bloodshine in the end, but some cats from Tooth and Yijiao recall their leader brutally slaughtering the she-cat. After the ruthless harvesting of the Clans, the dogs ran off into the mountains, never to be seen again.
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Ninety-five moons ago, two cats named Cleo and Smokey began CloudClan, in honor of the previous Clans who were destroyed by Bloodshine and her dogs. Challenges began once more when other cats started FrostClan, RobinClan, and SnowClan. It commenced a new generation of cats once more, living in the pawsteps of the old.
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Sixty moons ago, a colossal tornado swept through the Clans and destroyed their camps and territory.
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Thirty-seven moons ago, The Clans have gathered themselves again and finally reestablished their territory after the dreadful tornado. The few who survived ran away and became cats of no allegiance in the city, or were adopted into a Twoleg family.
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Twenty-two moons ago, a mysterious she-cat named Gaia built Yijiao once again. She gathered a countless amount of rogues that stalk the Sea Bridge, and sent multiple attacks on the new Clans.
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Ten moons ago, a farmer living in SnowClan's sheep fields took in a colony of feral cats that he had found roaming the streets of the city. The farmer owned a large stretch of land where he dumped the cats so they could hunt, mark territory, and overall mock the nearby Clans' traditions. They split up into their own small groups just to scare the Clan cats, and ended up naming themselves the Sunrise Establishment. Pretty cheesy, if I do say so myself. They created DawnClan, DewClan, SmokeClan, and SilentClan and started making plans with Yijiao to attack the Clans they called cursed.
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Now, The Clans live in a somewhat peaceful state of mind, as the Sunrise Establishment nor Yijiao has bothered them for a while. Without the presence of a common enemy, old rivalries over territory and prey have begun to rise again.

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