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The Realms have revived themselves once more after fearful events at the last Gathering. They believed Kiroho had left them to fend for themselves, sending everyone into a spiral of despair. Summer brought more prey and raised some hopes, but along with it endless thunderstorms and homes collapsing. Now, winter has arrived, and prey is scarce. The temperatures range from 0-25°F, and it is recommended not to enter the frigid waters until spring.

@Daisy and @Quake
Deputy: open
The Council: @Snoo, five open

@Daisy and @Sky
Deputy: @Quake
Healers: @Aqua, open
Healer's Apprentices: two open

King and @Snoo
Deputy: @Quake
Healers: @Daisy, open
Healer's Apprentices: two open

@Aqua and @Quake
Deputy: @Daisy
Healers: two open
Healer's Apprentices: @Quake, open

@Sky and Queen
Deputy: @Aqua
Healers: @Quake, @Daisy
Healer's Apprentices: two open

@Aqua AND @tinkerbell
Heir: @Snoo, @Sky
Contract Keepers: @Daisy, @Quake, four open
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= Pandemonium In The Stars = PITS =

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= Pandemonium In The Stars = PITS =

Post by Quake on Sat Jul 14, 2018 6:02 pm

Pandemonium In The Stars

Find tablespaces, say your social graces

Backstory - 

Bow your head, they're pious here

In a galaxy, thousands of millions of light years away from the Milky Way sits a small galaxy - the Asteroid Galaxy. In the Asteroid Galaxy, there’s plenty of planetary systems. One, which has life in it.

5 planets spin around the sun in the Solntse System. 3 of which have life on them. Zhivotnoye is the first planet, 2nd furthest away from the sun and half the size of Earth. It has 2 moons that circle around it. The next is Okhotniki, the same size as Earth, with 1 moon, smaller than Earth’s. The third is Shveytsariya (twice the size of Earth) which has 3 large moons.

Zhivotnoye is home to human-like aliens - they look like humans, but with oddly coloured eyes and hair, which are almost always the same. If you have purple hair, you’ll have purple eyes. They also have Companions who are animal-like creatures. Some shapeshift between 2 or 3 animals, some are specific to Zhivotnoye, some are like Earthen animals and some are from Earthen myths. Many also have enhanced senses and sometimes one other power.

Okhotniki is inhabited by creatures who can look like humans, but in their natural form have large eyes and slitted pupils as well as scaled skin. They often infiltrate Zhivotnoye to kidnap the animals and sell them around the planet. They do have animal Companions, but the Companions are nearly always forced into it and sometimes can be stolen from Zhivotnoye.

Shveytsariya is a neutral place between the two and is often used for the Seasonally meetings between planets. Any other meetings occur here as well, as well as trading and markets. Museums also are stacked up here, and there are more ports here than any of the three planets. The people who live here are humans, but sometimes have extra features like wings or gills.

Recently, within the last 500 years, a lot of murders have been happening throughout the planets. Shveytsariya has stayed neutral, but Zhivotnoye and Okhotniki have declared war on each other. The only place they’re neutral is on Shveytsariya.

Nobody knows who has started these murders, but only a few people from each planet are focusing on trying to figure them out. Everyone else is fighting, or in Shveytsariya’s case, trying to make peace or survive normally.

We make our own rules

Zhivotnoye Ranks -

Our own room, no bias here

Queen/King - the ruler of this planet, as it’s so small there aren’t any countries here - it’s all one. Has powers.

King/Queen Regent - the partner of the Queen/King, helps rule. Might have powers.

Advisors - usually between 2 and 10, they help the King and Queen make decisions.

Chief Knight - the chief of the Knight Force on Zhivotnoye. Often has powers.

Mystic Healer - the person who is in charge of the doctors and nurses. Often has powers relating to healing.

Knight - the people who guard the planet, and defend it from any attacks. Often have powers.

Healers - doctors and nurses, sometimes have healing-related powers.

Citizens - the normal people who live on this planet. Some have powers, some don’t - it’s 50/50.

Let 'em sell what they're sellin'

Okhotniki Ranks -

There are no buyers here

Ruler - the person in charge of the planet. Solely them. May have powers.

Ministers - the people who lead the 5 countries.

Animal Stealer Chief - the person in charge of the animal-stealing operations. May have powers. 2 or 3.

Lead Warrior - the person in charge of most battles and defences. 1 per country.

Healers - the people who heal injuries. Some have powers to do with healing.

Companions - the people with animal Companions.

Animal Stealers - the people who help steal the animals to sell them.

Warriors - the main fighters of Okhotniki.

Commoners - the people who normally live here.

So gather all the rebels now

Sheveytsariya Ranks - 

We'll rebel rouse and sing aloud

Presidents - the people who rule the 10 countries, and meet up every other week to update each other.

Deputy - each President has 1 deputy who is mostly an advisor.

Sheriff - the person in charge of the Police Force and defence of the planet. 1 per country.

Doctors - the head healers, 2 per country.

Police - the people who help defend the country.

Nurses - the other healers.

Citizens - normal people that live here.

We don't care what they say, no way, no way

Reservations -

And we will leave the empty chairs


Queen = @Quake
King Regent = 1 open
Advisors = 2 - 10 open
Chief Knight = 1 - 2 open
Mystic Healer = @Daisyleap


Ruler = @Daisyleap
Ministers = @Quake, 4 open 
Animal Stealer Chief = 2 - 3 open 
Lead Warriors = @Quake, 4 open


(Note: as there are a lot of ranks here, you can have one of each here :’))

Presidents = @Quake, 9 open
Deputies = @Daisyleap, 9 open
Sheriff = @Quake, 9 open
Doctors= 20 open


Murderers = @Quake (2), @Daisyleap, 1 - 3 open
Supporters of the war = (no need to reserve here just like tell me or not either way)

(Note: @Daisyleap I'm guessing you want the same ranks as before?)

To those who say we can't sit there

Plot -

We're fine all by ourselves

Winter | The murderers launch their biggest attack yet - they kill half of Sheveytsariya’s higher ranks, leading the planet to get cramped into half the space they’re usually in. Meanwhile, Zhivotnoye and Okhotniki are still fighting, most fights taking place on Okhotniki.
Spring | Okhotniki push Zhivotnoye back, and lots of fighting are now taking place in space with ships. Both planets are now calling for lots of ships from Sheveytsariya, which is already low in production due to half of the planet in chaos.
Summer | The Murderers, now getting cocky, launch an attack on the leaders of Okhotniki. 2 (@Quake and ???)  get caught, and Okhotniki keeps them, prisoner, to eventually use as a bargaining deal with Zhivotnoye. Sheveytsariya gets hit by a meteor, and half of the planet becomes a wasteland. Lots of people die. Zhivotnoye starts losing the war, and mysteriously more Companions are disappearing.
Autumn | The Murderers launch a rescue mission, which fails and one of the prisoners gets killed. Okhotniki drives Zhivotnoye onto their own planet, where they start releasing Companions onto them. Zhivotnoye is losing the war badly. Sheveytsariya is trying to rebuild.

So hey, we brought our drum

Members -

And this is how we dance

Owner ~

Mods ~

Supporters ~

Other Members ~

No mistaking, we make our breaks

Hope you enjoy this RP!
(Song: Wild Things by Alessia Cara)

If you don't like our 808s


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