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  • RobinClan

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  • Owlstar's Den

    A dry, well-hidden hollow nestled inside the Shallow Scoop. It is surrounded by tall grasses and reinforced by mud splashed in the crannies. Owlstar prefers sleeping outside of the den, however, underneath the stars.
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  • The Shallow Scoop

    A huge dip in the ground of the camp, layered with soft sand. A small rock juts out of the surface for Owlstar to call Clan meetings. In the event of bad weather where the cats cannot sleep in the plains, there are many rabbit and fox burrows down here for cats to retreat into.
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  • The Plains

    The plains are part of the rolling hills and moors RobinClan calls home. They set their camp here as they prefer to sleep underneath the open sky. There are no particular dens except a small crack in a boulder in the corner of camp to store herbs.
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  • The Prarie

    This is the main hunting grounds of RobinClan, used for many different resources like prey and herbs. The prairie’s grass length tends to be high in the new-leaf, often times with localized patches reaching shoulder height and beyond on the cats, but as green-leaf rolls around the prairie’s large grazing animal—bison—have cropped it neat and short. A variety of different plants grow here, and hidden burrows on the pathway can easily trip a cat when stalking silently for prey.
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  • The Meadow

    This is where mentors take their apprentices to train. There is a lot of prey here. Here there is a long stretch of short grass with one area covered with rocks. There is also one tree that is tall and sturdy enough for apprentices to practice climbing. There is plenty of space to train apprentices how to fight for battles. It is a good place to practice hunting, you might even find small prey such as mice and few birds. Rumor has it that there has been much more larger prey and predators roaming the area, so be on the lookout for anything suspicious!
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  • Unused Thunderpath

    This unused Thunderpath is the farthest off from RobinClan's camp, but still a popular attraction for medicine keepers to collect herbs. The Thunderpath is different than the one that borders them to the Gathering hollow. It is not smooth gravel, but raised metal tracks with soil layering the bottom. Legend says that long ago, before even the elders parents were born, that long snake-monsters rumbled down the path. They all warn cats not to go on the tracks, in fear of the snake-monsters coming back, but most apprentices like to dare each other to jump across and other silly things. It hasn't been used in so long that weeds have begun to sprout at the edges of the tracks, along with an adequate supply of herbs.
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  • The Beach

    East of RobinClan's camp lies a rocky beach, where cats go to get their water supply and train their apprentices. Not a lot of prey is found here other than seagulls and the occasional crab.
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