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Moonkit OF Fireclan

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Moonkit OF Fireclan

Post by Skybreeze on Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:44 am

Name: Moonkit, Moonpaw, Moonwatcher
Age: 4 moons
preferred Rank:
kit, soon to be apprentice
Moonkit a pure black kit with dark-sea green eyes. She has long whiskers and is tall and long legged. Her tail is very long as well and she has one white paw.Her fur is usually slick, smooth and soft, as she keeps it clean mostly.
Moonkit is fun-loving, funny, smart, curious, brave and shy. She's shy, but once you get to know her, she'll be very fun-loving. Moonkit is very adventurous and will try out many things with her curiousness guiding her way. She loves to tell jokes and cares a lot about her friends. Moonkit is also one of the best hunters. (in the future) Very Happy
Favourite Game:
Hunting beetles/leaves/feathers
Alive Family:
Stormkeeper (mother), Kinkajoukit (sister)
Deceased Family:
Mosseyes (father), Cinderpaw (sister), Tinypaw (sister) and Bumbletail (brother)
Physical Abilities:
Moonkit right now has no physical abilities since she is just a kit, although she'll gain them in the future. Her future abilities would be, hunting, stamina and running.

Likes & Dislikes:
Moonkit loves eating mice and voles. She has a strange liking of mist blowing into her face and tends to sit by a lake to relax in the wind. She hates fish, just the smell sends shivers down her spine. Moonkit also dislikes climbing, she can climb, but not to high for Moonkit has a fear of heights.
Plans for the future: 
Probably becoming one of the best hunters in her clan, having a mate and kits and having friends from all clans/tribes.
Extras: N/A
Mate: None yet
Crush: Winterkit (Will make later Smile )
Kits: Not yet
Roleplaying Example:
Moonkit twitched an ear as the rain pattered outside of the nursery. She yawned with tiredness and stretched. Glancing around, she could see Winterkit already playing with his brother, Quillkit. Looking up at her mother, who was still fast asleep, muttering and twitching as if Starclan was sending her a vision, she sighed in relief.  Moonkit padded by the entrance of the nursery. I wish you were all still here..  She thought as the images of her former siblings and father appeared in her head. She shook it away and focused on the rain, pattering down quickly.  "Hey Moonkit!" A friendly shout took her focus away, looking behind her shoulder, Kinkajoukit stood with a twisted up expression, as if holding in a laugh. "What..?" Moonkit mewed as she flicked her tail irritated. "You were day-dreaming again! Come on and play with us!" She whispered loud enough for a warrior to hear through the rain. Moonkit shook her head, "Not now." She responded as she went back to rest a bit more. Her eyes fell droopy and she soon enough woke up in a strange place. It was dark, but light as well. Blinking more and looking around she could make out the shapes of starry cats. Still startled b they dream she stood staring at them, mouth gaping wide open. "Hello, Moonkit." the smaller starry cat padded forward, she touched noses with her and sat down. Moonkit released it was Tinypaw, her sister. Cinderpaw and Bumbleflight  came closer, they both nodded a hello to her. Mosseyes gave her a warm smils as he brushed his tail along with his. "Dad? How? Wha-?" She mowed, unable to say anything. Suddenly she dropped below into a black cold area, noticing it was wet and must be a river. The starry figures faded away and darkness surrounded her. She woke up with a sudden yowl and looked around. Just a dream... or not.. She thought to herself as the rest of the kits invited her to play. She bounded in and tossed the moss-ball back and forth, still thinking about her dream. Stormkeeper woke up with a jolt and blinked softly, watching her kits play. "Oh Mosseyes, I miss you.." She whispered to herself. She heard a deep voice as if whispering into her ear, "I'm always here, don't worry."

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Re: Moonkit OF Fireclan

Post by Braveheart on Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:32 am

Please use the correct form. She'll need a little more to it.

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Re: Moonkit OF Fireclan

Post by Skybreeze on Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:35 am

It's fixed

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Re: Moonkit OF Fireclan

Post by Honorchior on Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:23 pm

Accept the Rainbow!

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Re: Moonkit OF Fireclan

Post by Sponsored content

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