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Pumpkinkit, FireClan

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Pumpkinkit, FireClan

Post by Daisyleap on Wed Nov 25, 2015 10:29 am

Pumpkinkit is a ginger tom with a slightly squished face. He has a love for herbs and enjoys that sweet smell of tansy the most. He usually goes in there to help the medicine keepers organize herbs and stir hardened pulps of juice to create baskets; that's a special tradition in FireClan, if you didn't know. He will grow to become a strong warrior of FireClan, but he will always find time to squeeze in some herb collecting, which he has a strong nose for. He loves long walks and new-leaf, where he doesn't have to spend so much time worrying about his fur. He can scurry away as fast as a squirrel running from a hunting Clan cat, which is good when he usually abandons fights and leaves his Clanmates to finish it off. His dull teeth but sharp as knife claws are great for hunting, as well as the ability to dash away to catch a mere hare or so. He can keep running for a long distance of time, but other than sprinting like a horse, he can't keep up with anything for as long as his running. For example, if he tries to tell a story, made-up or realisitc, he will get easily distracted and doze off into a series of daydreams. The pond in the corner of camp is also a nice place to sit and just float, but Pumpkinkit has trouble staying afloat. The pond gets more narrow as it reaches towards the opposite end of the nursery, and then it quickly flows into the stream that separates them from StreamClan. The pond is more for drinking, and the rest is more for swimming. Pumpkinkit, with such fluffy fur, has trouble staying above water and therefore doesn't even try to swim anymore. He has a fear of heights and will only climb a mere log or something. In the future he will loose his sense of smell and therefore become useless to the Clan, moving in as an elder at only 33 moons. He is only 5 moons right now, so he has a while to go. All of his other senses are perfect, though, baby. Once upon a time, Pumpkinkit was a different sort of cat. Shy, easily embarrassed, lacking in curiosity or an adventurous spirit, he was always in his more interesting sisters' shadow. He was terrified of rejection concerning his slightly unorthodox appearance, and relied on his confident and pretty sister to ease him into conversations. But since she was taken before her time by a large predatory fox he has changed. Seeking to honour her memory, he has tried to emulate her free spirit and wildly-charged energy. She was well-loved and fiercely independent and since she passed away only a few nights ago he has been left with a hole inside his heart. But with her guidance inside his heart he is determined to make of himself a stronger cat: more ambitious, more dependable, stronger and fiercer. It's a long road, and one that he has only taken the first pawsteps on, but if anything he is a determined little cat, and he's more than ready to take on this responsibility and maybe, one day, become the leader or medicine cat of FireClan. Born into a small litter of two, Pumpkinkit and Cherrykit were destined to be close. Their parents, Littlewhisker and Squirrelheart, both bright-eyed ginger tabbies with white chests, cherished their existence and lavished praise and affection upon them. They were raised normally, given equal amounts of love and care as well as discipline when needed, and as younger kittens were exploratory and curious about the world around them. Cherrykit especially expressed great desires to leave the campsite many times, but always Pumpkinkit was the one to talk her out of the dangerous pursuits. But one day, Cherrykit escaped too far out and got fatally struck by a fox in the neck and bled out on the scene before anyone could get to her. That tragedy stuck to Pumpkinkit for a while, but now he tries his best to live up to his sisters requirements that she knew he always had in him.

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