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SmokeClan Tree Ring

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SmokeClan Tree Ring

Post by Daisyleap on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:29 pm

Farther into the pine forest and closest to the SilentClan border is a ring of trees where cats like to go to train. This place, while excellent for training apprentices to fight, seems to breathe. The shadowy, almost menacing appearance of the bases of these trees, much like yawning maws, fuel the legend surrounding this place. While there is no proof, older cats tell stories they heard from elders as kittens themselves about a cruel deputy who pitted apprentices against one another here in deadly serious combat. They were made to use claws and real force, beyond the bounds of simple training, and one mistake sometimes meant death for a weaker apprentice. Elders try to give kits a harmless fright by telling them the ground is soaked with blood. Legend aside, the ground here is indeed soft with springy earth and pine needles, which along with the privacy the ring offers makes it a prime training spot. Cats frequent it fairly often, so prey is scarce here, but on occasion typical forest prey can be found, as well as an abundance of fresh herbs growing on small shrubs from vegetation that surrounds the inside of the wide ring of trees.


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